So,I’ve been busy…

Hi, there reader.

I know, it’s been a while since i was here. How are you? How is the milk in your fridge doing? Did you remember to get that thing that was important, when you went grocery shopping, you know that one specific thing that you really went to the shops for right?

Anyway as the title says I’ve been busy, living, procrastinating, eating healthy-ish and forgetting the 1 important thing i really needed at the grocery store, struggling to find a job, ageing and learning. The usual casual stuff that people do in their life.

The past few months have been fine, last year apparently was the worst. The year 2016 turned into a sentient being killing all the famous people that people like and regular people, ‘ugh 2016 chill out.’ ‘Why’d have to do that cried the masses of people’.

Um yeah last year, it was a year, a number, a time, we have all moved on no matter how good or bad it was, 2017 is here and now. Don’t get nostalgic for 2016, people got nostalgic for their childhood now look re-makes, ‘re’ a lot of stuff.

A lot of shit’s been happening in the media from politics and crappy pop songs to crazy reality drama still being a thing. I would like to put my two pence in on the issues(I know the saying is ‘2 cents’ but England has 2 pence so..) but who really doesn’t. We can all write think pieces of why the current president isn’t the best. And yes he isn’t. We can also say the political on goings in England aren’t great too, (Why has university fees risen? a-fucking-gain!!!)

Music, oh music. There is to much, too much to say. Genres of music, there are some good and bad songs/music you get to choose what YOU want to listen to, but seriously hearing the same 4 songs on repeat is a little eh you know.Top 40, Top charts, Top whatever.

I do have more to say but I wanted to keep it short.

Till the next time.



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