Swimming with Psoriasis

I don’t want this to define me.

So i have been going to the gym to swim, I had stopped several years ago, I was diagnosed with psoriasis, it started of with a small mark of my arm and exploded to the rest of my body literally including my head. This wrecked my already low self esteem and my skin too.

Can i just say that i missed the gym. Like seriously just the swimming pool though. When i started going i felt a little bit scared but i reminded my self why i was here to go to the pool and swim. (that simple right?) Well not really if you skin looks like mine trust me, i walked into the swimming pool room an ignored everyone around me an swam.

After 6 laps people stared, some moved away and ignore it and continued to swim. I have to admit it hurt that people looked at me that way with that look. You know the look, it’s ‘like eww gross get that thing away from me right now’ kind of look. Yep that hurt but i kept swimming and i remembered something that i just to say to myself as a kid.’No one cares’

So i still go to the gym just to swim though. I love to swim, i guess it something about the water and forgetting all my troubles in this sad world.

No it is not contagious, it is an autoimmune skin condition. There is no cure, and you might get depression, suicidal thoughts, scaly and itchy skin,hair loss, weird looks from people when you wear short sleeve tops or shorts. ectra, ectra.

Hey if you have this to quick question is it normal for hair to stop growing after a while?

And did you also feel depressed,sad once you realised that there was no cure?

Oh before i forget sorry that i have not been here (speaking to no one). I was dealing university stuff and i am still freaking out. Well hope your months were fine and all that Jazz.

Bye Reader.



5 thoughts on “Swimming with Psoriasis

  1. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. You are a truly strong and inspirational person. Honestly, the people that stare or mock are the people that you must know are not as worth it as you are. If somebody cannot see how truly amazing you are, then they don’t even deserve your glance. You’re worth it, and should never be made to feel like you are not. Keep swimming and doing what makes you happy. That is all that matters. Because then you will be happy and loving and they won’t be. You will always have that over your society. Hope you are ok 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the words of kindness. I takes time,seriously a lot of time to realise that this is it. I should have kept on swimming and i wish that had the confidence to do so but the way it hit me was shocking. But i swim and i like the way my skin looks. I appreciate it a lot.

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  2. Good for you. I have psoriasis too and know how hard it is to get in a public swimming pool when you have psoriasis but I tell myself that most people probably don’t notice or don’t care or are thinking that everyone is staring at them! For those who do – well it’s their problem. I think it’s normal to feel down when you have psoriasis but there’s lots that can help – like exercise. So keep swimming!

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