One wish


So last week was my birthday. I aged a year, and this may sound cliché but I thought about my entire 18 years of living on this earth, and I was like ehh nah I still have a few more years and thinking that far back into my life was impossible.

Who please,let’s be honest but who remembers when they we’re 3,2  or heck 1 years old okay there we go I rest my case.

So I should change my about page now to 19 but I have to change it every year so I’m thinking of just stating I am x age it changes every year ohhh isn’t that new. Wow people I have made a break through people age every year oh my stars alert the scientists and all the other people that are interested in this.

Oh yeah and the amount of cakes I had to go through, I just didn’t want cake like at all but I had to be nice despite me being the person that just goes ‘I don’t like it’, I ate some anyways and tried my very best to bin the rest.

The entire time I felt like I had to eat the cake but then I remembered I don’t have to, my sister’s are eating it literally. So yeah, No more cake. You know those people that get cupcakes with a candle on top is just the best.

So a joke went around this entire week at home when giving someone a slice of cake, diabetes anyone? Right after giving someone some cake and this cake was loaded with so much chocolate to a point of it being gross.


So yeah birthdays, I have tons to say about them and also write.

Hi reader how was your week or birthday if it was this month or before, or in the future if you’re reading this in the future, anyway.

Bye enjoy


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