A Bus thought


So today like other days I took the bus to go to school and I over heard this conversation between two girls.

“So where are you from” one of the girls asked asked. She had afro hair and was wearing a school uniform but she looked at a little older than the other girl she asked.

“I’m from here (England). ” she replied with one eyebrow raised looking at her friend with that face (are you trying to imply something)

“Oh-” The older looking girl face kind of dropped at this point and she looked at her phone.

“Well.. Were are your parents from then?”

See that question right there got me thinking about the rest of the conversation.

For some reason I hear this conversation alot and I have had it alot. Especially when people begin to guess where I’m from. “Oh uh are you from….”

I rudely has this train of thought cutting and ignoring the rest of their conversation.

“You do not inherit your parents nationality, you inherit part of their DNA.I don’t need to be hearing my mom is quarter bla bla bla and grand ma is ectra. No. I really don’t give a shit. Your are born in x country thus your nationality is x. And that is all that matters unless your entire medical history is needed and the doctors need that info, because you might have a life threatening illness.”

So yeah that happened on the bus. It is a common conversation believe
me it really is.

So yeah I was on the bus today like everyday. Fun stuff real fun stuff happening on that bus.

So how was your day like today? Did you also listen in on someone’s conversation while you should have been reading the book that was placed on your lap? (Hahaha) Or do block it all out with high quality noise cancelling headphones?

I’m curious… Anyway reader enjoy



2 thoughts on “A Bus thought

  1. I have been being asked that question for a long time, more so since travelling but fairly frequently throughout my life before that. It’s one of my favorite questions to answer – in my mind the answer is extremely long and does include the heritage and background of my family too, but I enjoy being able to choose the level of information I give. It can be an interesting conversation starter, or it can be a simple one word answer and I can keep the rest of my mysterious past a secret. I’m lucky to have that option, always proud to know my roots, but always proud to be an individual too.

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    1. Same, when people ask me there is a need to explain where my parents are from but most of the time I just want to give a one word answer and move but I proded with that question right after I answer.

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