One wish

So last week was my birthday. I aged a year, and this may sound cliché but I thought about my entire 18 years of living on this earth, and I was like ehh nah I still have a few more years and thinking that far back into my life was impossible. Who please,let’s be honest but who remembers when they we’re 3,2  or heck 1 years old okay there we go I rest my case. So I should change my about page now to 19 but I have to change it every year so I’m thinking of just stating I … Continue reading One wish

A Bus thought

So today like other days I took the bus to go to school and I over heard this conversation between two girls. “So where are you from” one of the girls asked asked. She had afro hair and was wearing a school uniform but she looked at a little older than the other girl she asked. “I’m from here (England). ” she replied with one eyebrow raised looking at her friend with that face (are you trying to imply something) “Oh-” The older looking girl face kind of dropped at this point and she looked at her phone. “What?” “Well.. … Continue reading A Bus thought