Run far…far away.

Hi reader long time no read (this should be my slogan seriously.)

I have not really had much going on my life other than revising for my interview at a certain university and i hope i get into the others that i have applied for (please, i need this!!) So yeah, oh and school, learning and all that too, so that is something.

So i shall not be regularly posting but I will try to post whenever I can and I do apologise (P.s i don’t even know if you like this but whatever right)

On to the post.


This is a note.

Isolation is a forest and still is.


Beautiful, quiet and alone. Isolation was a forest. Comfort at the very beginning , losing yourself in the middle and wanting to burn at the end.

Isolation is  sadness that your lover has gone and will never return to this world. Isolation is almost inviting. So you walk in with sad excitement spread across your face. To only later be disappointed.

Isolated is the pain in your throat, the tear that will never roll down your face. Isolated isolation is the darkness , is a black hole. Is the abyss waiting, wanting you to step inside to feed off of you like a leech.

Isolation is a forest. You can go in but finding your way out is not as easy as walking in. So they say.



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