The Birdkeeper Issy Festing

So this is one of the most interesting books i read last summer, during my work experience.

So, the book is about Satchin he is a bird keeper hence he name of the book.

Satchin is the son of a wealthy businessman, he turned his back on his family obligations and lineage to work as an ornithologist at Naagpur.

He then meets Peter – a charming Englishman and agrees to be his guide. They becomes strangely drawn to the confident and charismatic tourist(Peter).

They get together and have plans to elope together. Amazing and terrifying request to Satchin, who is torn between family loyalty and passion for a man he dare not speak of.

So this book is damm. It is incredible, first thoughts when i read it there were none,because i picked up a random book at the library. And because I’m a book rebel like that(what) anyway. I had to take photos of the pages that i had to read on the bus home. I did not own a library card (the process was long) to borrow the book and it always getting to the good bits when i was about to leave(all the parts in the book are the good bits).

artist-douglas-bicicleta Book Rebel.

I was not shocked about Satchin and peter, I didn’t even think that it was about love until i got to that part of the book. It makes you think of the struggle he has to go through especially in India at the time period the book was written in- there probably was no gay pride with rainbow flags flying around.


Satchin and his father’s relationship was extremely relatable, most parents want the best for their children. But the parent never wants to understand the child(the was a bit I wish I could quote from the book but, the book is at the library and i don’t have a card and it is late as I write this so…) is what i had taken from their relationship which is almost true. Although not all parents are like this. Some are.

The family and Satchin the constant meet and greets for a potential wife. The fact that his parents in specific his mother wants grand children must be a pain the ass. I have a friend who has stared going to these events and she says ‘they are not fun‘(her words), she wants to meet someone on her own by accident or in her own time. Festing, the author definitely puts across how it is actually like in an Indian family, it might be different for everyone. No family is alike even though they have similar problems and quarrels.

There is so much about this book that was intriguing to read about. It was the first gay book that I read. It was like most love stories but with none of the bullshit cliches that i hate so much.

Definitely read this it is great from beginning to end.

If you read this book tell me your thoughts on the book? Did you hate it? Love it? Shocked? Comments are always welcome.

Thank you reader for reading.



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