Let’s go someplace nice…For a while.

Have you ever thought of something that felt so real. But it was just a figment of your imagination but it was so real. It feels like a part of your memory that you hold so close to  you.

I imagined something so beautiful. It was so real and I wanted it back for just 5 more minutes. It was shocking enough that I had imagined it for ’10’ minutes, it was probably less but time had somehow stretched. Those were the best moments and I can use this word. Literally, the best 10 minutes of my mind and my life.

It is the one memory I keep remembering like it happened yesterday and I want it back so badly. I want it all back, so at night I imagine and in the morning imagine, in the afternoon I imagine, my imagination has become my most precious memory. The best memory of my life currently right now is that one. Just one.

It’s the type of memory that you try and recreate over and over again and every time you will fail. It happened once. Let it be right? No, wrong you want this back. You need this back right now! But it’s gone and it is in your mind it is close enough for you to see but not close enough to touch to feel to be a part of it just once more. How cruel is that. They say the mind is a fragile thing. Is it?

I created my most precious memory. An imagination. It was a figment of MY imagination(my hands are shaking over the keys as I write this and I want to cry) and I want it back. It is close enough but never any closer and that is sadness, my own imagination hurt me, the person who thought of it.

Our minds are beautiful like that aren’t they?


This is a note from my book.

Thank you reader for reading and imagine.


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