New Year.Same Me.

Happy new year to all.

Hi reader long time no read. I know I have taken some time to myself and just be free. So it is the new year, how have you been, how was your Christmas? How was boxing day? And how was your new year?

You know how every year on new year there is that one post of someone saying ‘gonna get kissed tonight winky face’ Well not every year you know, not every year.

Any ways last year was alright it went by fast things where every where though. I mean my thoughts where all over the place. I did not have a fixed idea of where my life is going. And fuck I still don’t. But this time around I will happily accept that.

So this year I have no resolutions or I might get some in the middle of January. That is odd but people do that or at least I do. What are your new year resolutions if you have any that is.

UK new year mainly consisted of drinking, merry yelling, Yoloing, smoking weed and shisha and tons of eating. (read more.)


If you’re rich enough to afford a boat on new year to host a party with your friends this is how your view would have looked like.Prices are around £100-300.


And rise if your late to pay up before new year’s eve and day. Woow pretty cool. (I had to google this)


I just chilled at a friend’s and ate while watching back to back episodes of Rick and Morty, China IL and daredevil.

I would have loved to go to London to watch the fire works as  massive crowd danced and drank. Mind you we are all strangers but on this one day ONE DAY! We are all friends.

And as they slowly count down after waiting for what seems to be 2 hours in the cold we count down 10 seconds. And new year yay,then a few minutes after 00:00 we all start to wander away to bus stops that are now packed and it is less likely buses are going to come frequently. Back to our homes or to McDonalds because it was so cold.


Ps: I was meant to post 2 days ago a list of my top ten k-drama of 2015 but my work got erased, the work and effort I put into that. Oh well at least there is this year in December to do it again.

You ever realised that on new year it is the one day where the time is constantly shoved in your face. ‘It’s almost 11:00.what time is it now? It’s 11:02…’

Bye thank you for reading.


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