Going Out?

Ok. I have a confession to make, and welcome to the confessions segment. First one? Wait other than Infinite news (Check it out)then this might be the second…

Oh no! this is not one of this confessions. ha….ha err…


Yeah, so I’m 18 and I have never been to a club. Well I have,but I only went in to ask if they were hiring and this is how it went.

I walk over to the tall overly pumped guy at the entrance door. He stares at me and I smile asking if they were hiring inside. He responds with a nod and he lets me through. Once I’m inside I walk over to the counter were the drinks are served. A girl smiles at me and I walk over and ask if they are hiring. She says no and I walk out.

True story.

So, you could say I have been to a club but not to do what people conventionally do at clubs. Right? Dance, drink and get wasted.Yeah!!!

This is how I imagine clubs would be like.



That’s not for me, I’m not the clubbing type and I’m only 18 years old. Wow were has my life gone. I’m 18 the media says I should be going out almost every weekend to get drunk at a club, but hey media you do realise that I need my brain cells so that I can go uni right?

Anyways I’m going to a club next week. So yeah that will be fun right?

Oh I’m going to smoke Sisha if you don’t know what that means, well Sisha is this.There is an image of the pipes.


My sister says it’s like going to a club but this is for Muslims but all are welcome to smoke. Oh they serve food and drinks too. No alcohol though.

I’m the Sisha and pub type of person. Clubbing is ehh.

This is a Pub.It’s almost like a club, but here there is quiet music, loud TV mainly playing football or some kind of sports, and they serve drinks and food.


What are your thoughts?

Are you a clubbing or Sisha person? Wait, do you know what Sisha is too? Do you smoke? What’s your flavour? Or Do you like to go to a pub and have a drink and chill?

Tell me in the comments

Bye and thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Going Out?

  1. I am a clubbing and shisha person depending on my mood, time and place. And my flavour is anything cherry. I don’t really smoke unless it’s particular occasions such as when I went travelling to Amsterdam. Clubs aren’t all the same some and the same goes for pubs- guess it just is finding one that suits your taste.

    Happy blogging


  2. Good for you for saying screw the media and doing your own thing! Clubbing is probably one of the lamest scenes. BUT I would consider it seperate from seeing an electronic music show, which is actually one of the coolest things you can do. Scenes vary a lot depending on where you are but if you live somewhere where you see ads for djs and you are wondering what they are I’d recommend checking it out, it can be a lot of fun. I’m definitely a pub person myself, its something I really miss being in Australia. They do things a little differently here. Gambling is really big so their pubs all have a lil bit of a casino vibe.

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    1. Every country has its own way of having fun and its pretty cool that countries have adapted to tons of different cultures. Ps never knew that gambling was big in Australia. Same about the casino vibe in UK some pubs are kind of like that.


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