Welcome to Night Vale

Hello listeners.

If your a fan please tell me in the comments. I would love to know, Steve Calrsburg! Right uggh but i understand why he does what he does now.

So anyway

The book is out. 

And every time i go to the book store, i just hold the book like a long lost friend and i never want to let go. What’s strange is there is another guy who does the same thing but with another book.

I was just so happy to see this book finally out and i’m soon going to buy it so yay.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about them please let me tell you.Night vale is a fictional town, there rivals with desert bluffs and the story is told to us by none other than Cecil Gershwin Palmer, the host of the welcome to night vale community radio. Oh no! I might be giving too much way they might find me typing this out and wipe my mind or find who i like from the registry of high school crushes. Joking seriously it a great podcast series and book that is out.

On itunes or podbay.fm seriously. I love it.


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