I can’t believe that you don’t believe.

I think it’s time to be clear with people that know me now, in the past or the future but I will probably tell you anyway in the future I mean.

I don’t believe in God. Simple I’m done.

Okay I’m joking, but seriously I don’t believe in god. When I was younger, like 5 years old. I remember asking my mom if she believed in god and she said ‘yes my dear I believe, because how else did we get there and we are here to pray to God’.

Thanks mom such a heavy topic for a 5 year old. But ever since then I began to think about it. Like really think about God and all this fabulous things that it “could” do. And I call it, it because who says it’s a he or a she or whatever gender it has. In most religious texts it’s usually a he and I’m just like ‘Suuuuuree whatever cause you saw it right?’

Anyways back to the topic. God, that thing in the sky.

I stopped believing at 11 or 10 years old. I know it a really young age to stop believing but a lot of shit happened before that age for me to never believe in the beginning. I stopped because my mom was having a hard time with a lot. And so every day I would pray to god. (In my case Allah but same thing God Allah whatever) And months would passed by and our situation would just get worse. Out of nowhere when I was praying, I began to think why should I pray if nothing ever happens. Then I stopped praying 5 times to 3 then 1 and I stopped. At 15 I stopped reading the Quran and began to just live. I can’t ever say that I’m not grateful, I am but it clicked that there is nothing up in the sky. It’s just stars, galaxies, some cosmic radiation and other unknown stuff. I don’t know when you think about things on a scientific level. I am actually curious what is this all. I know that big bang and all that but before the big bang and before that. What was there. What was anywhere?

I don’t have a religion. I don’t believe in God or a omniscient being. I respect people that have religion, those who do not, and those that are confused about religion and if they should change.

In Islam it’s so hard to just say that you don’t believe. It’s like your born into it but you can’t ever leave. Some extreme Muslims see it as a sin to leave and that is their opinion.

I understand if you’re going through this situation, especially in Islam where it seems to be some kind of crime. You know for a peaceful religion, it does not seem so peaceful. Understand that there are Muslims, people around, communities who will accept that you don’t believe. Just don’t become one of those people that have to shove their ideas down other people’s throats please.


9 thoughts on “I can’t believe that you don’t believe.

  1. I grew up in a Catholic family, but since I was very little I have had some doubts. I don’t believe in going to church and just showing off that you are a “believer” and that God is going to love you more because of that. I think God, Allah or however you call her/him is inside us. I believe there’s something bigger than all of us; we are just not looking for it in the right place. We have the power.


  2. This was nice to read. I dont believe but do go to church. I find it relaxing like meditation or a place to gather my thoughts. I am also not against the things that can be learnt from listening to ‘moral’ stories to consider my current problems in.

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  3. I enjoyed your post very much and understand what you mean. It is hard to believe when your prayers are not answered. I am a believer in God, the God of Jesus Christ and I get very annoyed when people try to force their views on me, that is one reason why Christianity gets such a bad wrap!

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    1. Yeah it’s really annoying. Especially when you tell the person ‘I am of another religion’ they just continue and your like O-o did this person not hear me or what
      Anyways thank you so much for reading


  4. I started having serious doubts about religion in primary school. Like a lot of kids I was pretty into dinosaurs, so when we had to sing “Morning Has Broken” in assembly I was particularly intrigued. The lyrics included “like the first morning” (I pictured some inhospitable lava-wracked hell hole) and “blackbird has spoken like the first bird” (some kind of squawk from archaeopteryx, I presumed). I quickly surmised that the religious tales they were telling us were akin to Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.
    For a period when I was about 12 I had to take my little brother to Sunday school so rather than going home in between I’d sit in the back pews listening to the sermons. Which all convinced me that it’s utterly bonkers, some of the most successful self-serving works of fiction the world has ever seen. And people lap it up even though there a more plot holes and inconsistencies than a dodgy soap.
    I understand that some people need a spiritual element in their lives, but maybe they should shop around instead of sticking with what they grew up with. Perhaps there should be a religious version of Go Compare…

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    1. “Successful self serving works of fiction”. I sometimes think to myself if I become a great writer, great enough to delude people it should be as great as a religious text. That’s much coming from me but hey I can try.
      And it is true people need something to hope in, something to believe in which is fine. Ps there should be a more religious version of go compare (I would laugh every time, some one sings the song)

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  5. How about CompareTheDeity.com, which would be marketed using a couple of camp meerkats and a spoof website on having a joyful time – CompareTheGaiety.com ?
    We’ll either be millionaires or get lynched…

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