Expensive coffee

takeawayCoffeeHello readers

An example is necessary for this.

You are walking into a coffee shop, you look at the prices hovering at the top of the wall above heads of over qualified baristas. The baristas underneath are looking at you like a mad person.

The mind cloud states what they are thinking: Who even buys coffee? Its a woman’s voice you notice. And stare at the female barista who is now slowly backing away from the counter and into the back room.

The other barista is a rock. Since there discovery they have managed to fight for working rights and now are flooding the work force. Well done rocks.

You order your coffee, ‘£5.60′ the rock barista says to you via mind cloud.

You look at the rock and begin to complain.’Why should coffee be this expensive.What is so special about it? There is no uni-coloured spiders inside, there is no sand heart?’

The rock does not apologies it just asks for the money which you pay with a scowl on your face until you leave the shop.

Thank you for being an example

Coffee is expensive is my point. Why does coffee have to be so expensive.


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