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Hello readers and welcome to infinite news, the news that is 100% facts and 0% ads. And on that note why don’t you pop into your local burger king. Get some fresh of the floor greasy burgers deep fried chips in old oil dated back to 209ad.

Historians and scientists are now heading down to collect some samples and return back to labs to run extermly scientific tests and examinations. Burger king have it your way.

Geologists have made a recent discovery, stating that rocks now for some reason have feelings, emotions, conscious thoughts and relationship problems.

Just like everybody else. Scientists say that these are some of the oldest stuff on this planet, so you know respect them.

Our correspondent 6 year old Janet Jones said, ‘ I threw one while playing with the new demon kid. You know, from the underworld and the rock began to yell at me the make crying noises’.

Well you’ve read it here first.

Now place those rocks that you have collected over the years form that jar in your bedroom window seal back outside. And apologise because you’ve been hurting them keeping them captive in a jar for years.


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